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Hello fiction loving Guardians one and all!


Destiny Author here, and I’ve got a very special announcement for you!

Our release of the Destiny community e-Book, Become Legend, went better than we had expectedThe book has been read by hundreds of people, and we hypothesize it has been downloaded an equal amount of times.

With such enthusiasm for a text-based book, we teamed up with the some of the cast of Ghosts and Echoes (And Guardian Radio) to bring you an audiobook of all the community stories, poems, and more.


We’ll be separating the book by tenant, with the first tenant: Sacrifice coming out within a month or so. (No concrete release date yet, still planning some things.)

Expect a trailer very soon, to amp up for the release of the Tenant 1.

Here’s our current cast, expect to hear all these voices, with more to possibly be included later!


Become Legend Cast

(Roles not specified in all cases)



– James Mark “My Name is Byf” Byford


Remaining Cast

– Craig Hardgrove as Various

– Jackie James as Various

– Mark “Turks” Turcotte as Various

– David “Destiny Author” Weeks as Various

– Remy “r3my” Auxillary as Various

– Patrick “Bearded Wonder” Watts as Various

– Genevieve Weeks as Nadezhda

& More!

Be sure to follow us, @GuardiansOfD and @InsideDestiny for updates on the audiobook!

See you guys later,

Destiny Author

6 Responses to “Become Legend Audiobook

  • SDF River
    SDF River
    4 years ago

    If you guys and gals need another, I’d be glad to help out. :-D
    On a serious note, I’m glad you are making this happen. What an epic way to bring more of the community together. I’ll be waiting with much anticipation. #BecomeLegend

    • Fantastic Jackie
      Fantastic Jackie
      4 years ago

      Awesome sauce, River! :D We’ll keep you in mind!

      On a side note, thank you for uploading an avatar. Now I get to ask you: when you uploaded your avatar, did it give you access to see our entire media library?

      • SDF River
        SDF River
        4 years ago

        If you mean the single photo with “HD” and the Tricorn, then yes. That’s the only photo library I saw. :-)

  • Truly excited for this, would love to be involved in something similar in the future.

  • Am i still making a cameo appearance maybe the

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