2013 Projects

Chronicle of the Brave


To store words of wisdom for all Guardians to appreciate and marvel, Destiny Guardian and Destiny Dispatch teamed up and together, linked phrases and quotes together to make the Chronicle of the Brave.

The toughest, bravest wordwall you’ve ever seen.

E3 Community Livecast

In order to celebrate Destiny’s first E3 right, we all came together to kick it off with many special guests that ended up being a live show, including many of the guests you see above.

It was a grand E3, where our excitement for Destiny was healthily bolstered for  a short time.

Thank You, Bungie

Bungie slaves away at Destiny every day, trying their damnedest to make sure we are rewarded with the experience they have been promising us since their next adventure was announced.

To show our appreciation for their work, the community came together and thanked them.
Guardian Radio: “Destiny Community Extra Life Campaign”

Conceived by those amazing hosts at Guardian Radio, Destiny Fans Give Back was our section of the Extra-Life campaign where we raised over $2,000 dollars for a Seattle Children’s Hospital.