Destiny & Halo Dispatch is a team of fans dedicated to content creation & distribution, cooperation, and the building up of community. Bungie’s Destiny is a game that rewards social interaction while 343 Industry’s Halo is renown for its passionately engaged community. The Dispatch Team is dedicated to helping foster a wider sense of community across all fans, console players, and website participants.

Dispatch was founded on February 28, 2013 as a Twitter team focused on Destiny with a vision for the future. We’ve grown beyond that initial vision, beyond Destiny, and best of all, to have befriended many people in two amazing worldwide communities. Our favorite thing to do is come up with fan projects that bring us all closer together, inspiring interaction and cooperation across the communities’ diverse talents!

Lead Twitter Handler, Outreach & Multimedia, Host, and General Man-with-the-Plans

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Lead Writer – Destiny Dispatch, Content & Schedule Manager

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Chief Editor, Designer, & Webmaster

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