Become Legend is a community project combining the talents of writers, artists, and poets across the world. Each volume of Become Legend has 3 sections of stories and art dedicated to themes or time periods within the Destiny story world. Edited and complied into a final version by Destiny Dispatch, these volumes and the submissions – those that did and did not make – blew us away with the creativity, vigor, and talent we found within our Guardian ranks.


Become Legend

January 31, 2014


After months of of formatting, going through submissions, and compiling this magnificent tome of Destiny Community stories, it’s here. Become Legend has arrived.

It’s been quite a journey, I won’t say much here because we poured our hearts out in the book. Read through it, and we really hope you enjoy it.

Thanks everyone.

Be brave, and Become Legend!

Destiny Author 















Become Legend II


Fan artwork credits: Threesided(Bottom), TDSpiral(Top), Beau Lamb(Top-Middle)
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September 5, 2014


Today is the day.

We’ve waited many weeks for this book to be ready for release; and after hard work, on my part and many others, it is finished. Being our second volume, I will say that Become Legend was created with the idea that we aren’t in Destiny yet, so we couldn’t craft our stories. We still needed a way to tell them, and this community anthology was birthed as a result.

Now, as we stand with our excitement levels rising mere days before Destiny’s release, we’re releasing this one final volume.

We’re not saying Become Legend won’t come back, but it will be shelved until a time comes when the game cannot contain all the stories we want to tell.

Without further rambling and reminiscing on my part, click the links below the image to download the book or simply read it in your browser. If you have trouble determining which format to use or how to use them on your device, read this post.

That’s all I have for you. All I can say now is READ!

Thank you so much for all your support, we sincerely hope you enjoy the book!

Be brave, and most sincerely: Become legend.


– Destiny Author