Halo vs Destiny: Villains Edition

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It’s Halloween! -Or it will be, tomorrow!

A few years ago in celebration of Halloween, I set up a showdown between some of the most heinous villains of all time. I included 20 or so villains, including Darth Vader, Voldemort, the Borg, and, of course, the Flood. Now it didn’t progress past the second round because there were multiple ties, and I couldn’t figure out a way to break them fairly, but it did inspire quite a bit of silly discussion.

Today, while I’d love to revisit the entire Villain Showdown selections, I don’t exactly have a place to put it. It also occurred to me that I’d want to include a villain from Destiny to pit against the Flood from Halo…but which would I choose?

The Flood vs the Hive

The most obvious choice would be the Hive, but that’s not even a contest. While the Hive despise the Light (so much that they…feed…on it… Huh.), that defense would do nothing to slow the Flood. There’s the thought that maybe, because they’re from different universes, the Flood’s assimilating powers would be useless against foes from Destiny, but I kind of think that Common Bungie Heritage guarantees that they would be compatible in this sense. Now what sort of influences absorbing such an enemy that devours Light would inflict on the Flood is an interesting thought to consider… As is the thought of a gigantic Flood-Phogoth. That is, if “interesting” is synonymous with “freaking terrifying” in this case.

So if the Hive are no contest to the Flood, then maybe we could go with the Darkness as their Destiny adversary? Except we have no idea what the Darkness is, aside from a giant heart that can bring one giant statue to life at a time, and then dies when you kill three of said giant statues. (No, I’m never letting it go! That was so awkward!)

When it comes down to it, there’s not really an enemy that matches the Flood at this point in the Destiny Universe. Does that mean that the Flood is Bungie’s ultimate villain and the Master Chief Bungie’s ultimate hero? Would the Master Chief and the Spartans view the host of Destiny enemies as no contest, since they’ve faced and survived the Flood? I’m just asking question!

In any case, it’s Halloween, and I still want a villain showdown! I think a better competition would be the Covenant vs the Fallen, Cabal, and Hive. I’m not sure who would win.

The Covenant vs The Fallen, Cabal, & Hive

CoviesIf the Covenant would stick to their greatest strength and keep the battle in orbit, they could simply Glass Earth, the Moon, Venus, and Mars. And the Reef, just because. The Fallen and Hive would have no defense against that, as far as I can tell. The Cabal, however… Apparently, they have the ability to toss small moons at their enemies. So maybe the Covenant has to go to ground for this operation.

Let’s pretend that the Destiny villains decide to team up against the Covenant, knowing they don’t have a chance otherwise. They meet in a wide canyon with plenty of shadowy outcrops and safe ledges for Spartans and Guardians to watch the carnage.

DVillainsI imagine the battle would start with a wave of shield-wielding Jackals and plasma grenade holding Grunts rushing toward a frenzied onslaught of Thralls and Wizards with a battalion of Phalanx behind them. Along the ridges of the battlefield, a sniper battle between Jackals and Vandals would ensue. As explosions thunder in the canyon, raining rocks and debris on unfortunate baddies below, the Elites would drop in on the Fallen and Hive Acolytes as the Ogres would team up with the Knights against the Hunters. The echoing thrum of Gravity Hammers from the last corner of the battlefield would mark the clash of steadfast Cabal and berserking Brutes. It would be absolute chaos – a stalemate. It would probably save humanity in two universes.

But wait! What about the Vex, you ask? Well, let’s pit them against the Prometheans, as they’re the robots in these universes.

The Prometheans vs The Vex

Let’s talk numbers first. In any match up with the Prometheans, you have to include the Composer as part of their arsenal, meaning that as many sentient lifeforms the Didact could find could potentially become part of his army. As for the Vex, while their origins and self-replicating limitations are unknown, they do have on their side the limited ability to time travel in some form. These base characteristics balance out, in my opinion, so it’s onto the physical traits.

VexPromConsidering that the Prometheans are intelligent enough to not place their most vulnerable circuitry for all to see and light it up for easy targeting, the Prometheans definitely have the edge. True, the Crawlers are kind of riding the line here in this comparison, but a red “mouth” that has the dual purpose of also shooting and can move is still a better defensive design than bright white bellybuttons with glass for armor.

The best showdown would obviously be the Knights vs Minotaurs. Their shields and armors are almost identical with regards to resistance, and the Minotaurs, unlike their fellow Vex, don’t have any particular weak spots. Keeping an eye on this battle would be tough, what with all of the random teleportation between these two enemies. While the Minotaurs would menacingly advance on their foes undeterred, the Knights would dance and dodge around them, disrupting their advances – but would it be enough? Toss in some Hobgoblins and Watchers along the edges, and you’d run out of popcorn quick.

floodSuffice it to say that I think Bungie & 343’s villains are rather well matched for each other…

At the end of the day though, in a contest between villains, one still reigns supreme: the Flood is still the ultimate villain!

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  • "Fantastic" Jackie James
    3 years ago

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  • EnderLord13579
    2 years ago

    Ummm, I know this thing is very old but The Hive would beat the Flood, they disintegrate when they die, so they can’t be infected whatsoever, plus they have Ogres, and Ogres will stomp on the ground and creating a huge amount of damage. Also for the 3v 1 on the Covenant. The Cabal can destroy the Covenant alone, they have bigger ships. The Cabal Warship and the Cabal Carrier which is seen on Phobos is the smallest in the big ship category, all those legions are only scout legions. The Standard Cabal (Legionary) is stronger than an Elite and probably can beat one on a one on one. The Colossus can destroy a Hunter. Also the Hive have the Taken which are ripped from the dimension and being re-animated to a living dimension-matter like creature. Plus Oryx can take Gravemind. Also the Vex would beat the prometheans. They have Axis Minotaurs… DUN DUN DDUUUUUUNNNN. Fallen vs idk Elites. Probably 50-50. A Captain can maybe stand a chance against a Zealot. It depends though. Close Range: Captain is dead meat due to energy sword. Far Range: Captain dem Shrapnel Launchers. Also an Archon or Kell can beat Arbiter. Reason why Guardians kill everything so easily is because we have the light. Last but not least. The Taken would beat the Flood, The Taken aren’t made of flesh only dimensional matter. Plus they are stronger. I even think a Centurion can stand a chance against a Hunter due to they are smarter, they take cover, they fire more faster, they run around a lot. Due to that a Hunter could miss his shots a few times. But in melee. The Hunter will beat him up. However, if the Centurion keeps hitting the Hunter on the back, Hunter is screwed. Last but not least Hive vs Elite, hmm Let’s see here:

    Thrall vs Sangheili Minor: Pffff Of course Thrall, HAH SIKE. Elite would karate kick that screaming bitch. But Thrall would win if the Elite is off his guard.

    Acolyte vs. Sangheili Minor: Probably Elite, but if the Acolyte had better accuracy the Acolyte might win. Heck I even think an Acolyte has more health.

    Knight vs. Sangheili Minor: Knight. The Elite is like 2 times stronger than the Elite Minor.

    Knight vs. Sangheili Ranger: Knight would win. The Knights are physically stronger and probably will one hit kill him. Plus those Hive Boomers do heavy damage, if it is a sword knight. Then the Knight would win no contest.

    Knight vs Sangheili Commander: Tough one: Knight has more health. But the Sangheili Commander is more agile and smarter. Probably tie, it depends. No Cover. Knight. With cover. Elite Commander. Unless if it is Sword Knight, then Knight would win on both scenarios.

    Knight vs Sangheili Warrior: Hue… Sangheili Warrior. Fuel Rod Cannons baby, they are like two times stronger than that Hive Boomer. Plus Sangheili Warriors are stronger, less health, but that doesn’t matter. Sword Knight. Tough one, if the Knight slashed that Warrior he will get one shotted. But the Sangheili Warrior from afar would destroy it. So overall Sangheili Warrior.

    Wizard vs Sangheili Warrior: Wizard, no doubt. A Wizard shoots like 4 balls of explosions that equal to a Hive Boomer in each individual round. So that is like 4 Hive Boomer shots. That will kill the Sangheili Warrior.

    Wizard vs Sangheili Zealot: Zealot would win. Very Skilled Sangheili soldiers, they can probably only get 3 shots on him and just murder the Wizard.

    Ogre vs Sangheili Zealot: Ogre curbstomps, The Ogre’s eyeblast will eliminate the Zealot quickly, in close combat, Ogre, the stomp is like a small devastating quake, which can kill the Zealot instantly. So results: Hive win overall in ground battles. GG Elites.


    On the moon, a Sangheili squadron consisting of 5 Sangheili Minors, 3 Sangheili Rangers, 2 Sangheili Commanders, 2 Sangheili Warriors, and 2 Sangheili Zealots came scouting to claim land for the Covenant. However, they weren’t alone. A small Hive Ritual Site near their vicinity spot their appearance, they are not pleased. As the Ritual Site contained 1 Ogre, 2 Wizards, 3 Knights, 5 Acolytes, and 7 Thralls. As a Sangheili Minor spots the Hive presence on the corner of his eye, he alerts the scout team. As they looked, they aimed their weapons, at them, and started firing. The Thralls retreated behind a Knight Wall Formation, The Acolytes started charging, firing their weapons too, as the climax of the battle was about to start, the 2 Sangheili Zealots ordered their inferiors to charge with brute force. One of the Zealots pulled out his energy sword and started rushing toward the Hive Acolytes, the other Hive forces started to charge too, then as they were charging at each other, they have finally clashed. The Thralls started overwhelming the Sangheili Minors and killing them with one slash of their claws. As a Knight charged his way up to a Warrior catching him off guard, he punched the Sangheili Warrior on the side of the head. The Sangheili Warrior was surprised. He got up and started firing his Fuel Rod Cannon at the Knight, the Knight dodged the shots with a side step. As the Warrior got angry, he ran and jumped in the air and kicked the Knight, then fired his Fuel Rod Cannon at the Knight. As the Knight died, another Knight rushed up to him and whacked him dead. As a Zealot killed a few Acolytes, he noticed his fellow brothers have already died, The Thralls brutally murdered the Sangheili Minors. The Zealot is surprised of how strong the Hive are. Then he snapped to his senses and anger grew in him, he saw the Hive Ogre distracted by a Sangheili Commander. The Zealot then rushed at the Ogre, the Ogre still being distracted, had his sense come up that something was approaching him, then he looked at the Zealot, and started eyeblasting the Zealot. The Zealot took cover behind a large rock, as the Zealot looked back, he saw his men dying there, but very little Hive remain there. He noticed his fellow comrade, another Sangheili Zealot who got killed by a Knight and a Wizard. His other inferiors, his Rangers, and his remaining Commander, and Warrior, were fighting back viciously, but then they got killed. The Zealot had uncontrollable rage in him now, he had tears running up his eyes. Then yelled at his remaining inferior, the last Sangheili Commander to fight the remaining Hive. The Sangheili Commander did so without question, as the Zealot released a very loud war cry of sadness, anger, and vengeance all together, he ran at the Ogre. The Ogre roared and starting eyeblasting the Zealot. The Zealot was dodging the Ogre’s eyeblast shots then lunged forward to slash the Ogre. As he slashed the Ogre, the Ogre then stomped on the ground, making a quake, and it killed the Zealot instantly. His inferior looked back in shock, then got killed by numerous of shots fired from the remaining Hive combatants. The Hive have lost 6 Thralls, 3 Acolytes, and 1 Knight.

  • EnderLord13579
    2 years ago

    I meant the Knight is 2 times stronger than the Elite Minor

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