Revived & Refocused

We’re Back

A few months have passed since Dispatch was active. We’ve kept in touch, put pins in ideas, and played a TON of Destiny. It’s been a great ride, but we’ve missed interacting with the Community as a team.

Today, we’re spread across school, work, and other community organizations. But, we’ve decided that we’re still dedicated to each other and the Destiny Community. We have ideas, and we’re eager to put them into motion.

Dispatch is scaled back to its original founding members: Chance “Destiny Dispatch,” David “Destiny Author,” and “Fantastic” me, Jackie. Our old teammates moved on to greater, more awesome things. (Like Lorelock. He’s making a video game!!)

A New Focus: Creative Fireteams


Our logo is new, but familiar and simplified

Dispatch came together right after Bungie announced Destiny was in the works. Individually, we wanted to accomplish great things in the Community-to-Come, but our ideas were too large for any one person. Inspired by Bungie themselves, we formed up our own creative team, combining our talents and passions, to create something that went far beyond our initial outset.

Sharing, creating, and making friends – it’s always been the driving force behind what we’ve done as a team. Today, Dispatch wants to expand the concept beyond ourselves.

How this looks, how it’s accomplished we haven’t yet determined. Is it a forum? Are we directly involved? Do we ask for submissions and suggestions? We have several thoughts on the layout, but we’re still researching the best avenues to accomplish what we have in mind. (Which we’re not quite revealing yet.) In the meanwhile, we thought we’d jump feet first into a new project many of you should remember.

Become Legend III

Just over a year has passed since we compiled the last installment of Become Legend. Released four days before Destiny launched, Become Legend II captured a snapshot of where the Community foresaw the game’s path. You can find the e-books in the menu bar above.

Now that the Taken King has fixed many of Destiny’s original storytelling short-falls, we think it’s the right time to compile the third volume of stories. Details will be coming soon, but we want this edition to be bigger than ever: not a writer or artist? That’s fantastic! We have things in mind for you.

News? Podcasts? Comics? Halo?

Not right now. 2 of us have full time school + jobs and the other has 2 full time jobs, so time is the deciding factor. We’re not writing anything off, particularly the podcast & Halo; just keep an ear out.

Website? Nexus?

The website is still partially under construction, though you shouldn’t run into any functional errors. All articles and images intentionally still have their same URLs. That said, things have been reorganized around here to reflect our trimmer focus.

The Nexus – a listing of every Destiny & Halo website we could find – is no longer a feature we can maintain. It’s great that there are so many groups and individuals out there, but the community is too large to track now. We always knew it would happen one day. The site feels empty without it, but the Nexus was incomplete for quite a while as it was.

Anything else?

Nope. That should wrap us up! Now that this post is behind us, we can get started on the real work ahead.

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