Texguard 2015: Austin

Greetings Guardians!

As we all anxiously await for the blast doors into the Dreadnaught to
open-up, let’s not forget that there’s still a small grace period
before The Taken King actually arrives. If you’ll be spending some of
this grace period in Austin, Texas next week for Rooster Teeth Expo,
we have just the thing for you.

After the huge success of the last Texguard in downtown Fort Worth
(photos here), me and Troy over at Aim Assist both agreed that
when we hosted another one, it needed to be bigger, and at a busier

With RTX coming, we thought it opportune to get some Guardians
together for some merriment and shenanigans once more. Now joining us
in hosting the coming romp at Home Slice pizza are the folks at
Operation Supply Drop, bringing in their awesome selves to come enjoy
the atmosphere with the Destiny community.

Thanks for reading, I’ll have an FAQ and some general information
below! See you at Texguard!

Where: Home Slice Pizza, 1415 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX, 78704

When: Thursday, August 6th, 5:30-9:00 PM CST.

Who: Destiny community, Aim Assist Gaming, and Operation Supply Drop! All ages welcome! 


Q: Where can I park?
A: Being just beyond the edge of downtown across the bridge, parking
for Home Slice is actually quite easy. There’s some limited space out
front, with some residential streets on either side of the pie joint
that offer some additional parking space. Here’s a google maps link to
give you a better picture of the area.

Q: Do I have to buy something?
A: No. Not at all. But I’ll tell you, one of the reasons we chose Home
Slice is that it offers one of the greatest tasting pies in Texas, and
it’s got enough space for us crazy kids. So if you can, buy a slice.
If not, no problem.

Q: Will DeeJ or Cozmo be there? Can I touch their Gjallarhorns?
A: DeeJ and Cozmo will both be respectively busy with Gamescom and
holding down the fort in Seattle. You’ll have some high-profile
community members swinging by, and of course some of the top brass
from Operation Supply Drop chowing down with us.

Q: What if we run out of room?
A: If we manage to gather enough Guardians that we start spilling into
the pizza kitchen, Auditorium Shores is our back-up location. We’ll
gather there from there on out, and just have some fun in the park.
Here’s the location.

That’s all Guardians! Look for tricorns, supply crates, and aiming
reticules. We’ll be there in full force! See you soon!


– Destiny Author

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